Hearth Bear Head Group Camping

Most every summer we spend about 5 days group camping with the Hearth Community at
Bear Head Lake State Park near Ely in northern MN. It is a great way to spend
time close to nature but it is also a great time to hang out with some
Hearth people. Fred's 2014 blog entry about Hearth Community

Bear Head is a lot like the nearby BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness)
but not so primitive. The group camp has a nearby parking lot, a hand pump,
bear boxes, picnic tables where we set up a group cooking/eating area and
chemical toilets.

Info links

MN DNR Bear Head Lake State Park website
 DNR map of park Goup camp is "G1"
Aerial photo of BHSP
Fred's aerial photo of camp with annotations
Photo tour of the campground   (part of the pictures from 2012 - opens in a new tab/window)
See also Bear Head Planning page via Hearth website -- available a while before each year's camp. Some links above available there.

Group and selected pictures over the years

Here are links to some selected pictures of people at Hearth Community's Bearhead group camping over the years.
The year links are group pictures.
Picture pages generally do not have the year on them but it is in the URL.
Use your browser's back button to get back here to view another year's pictures.
Don't confuse your browser's back arrow with the picture page's left arrow previous picture button.
The browser arrow buttons are on the status line at the top, the picture arrow buttons are usually bigger and lower, nearer the picture.

Note that from any picture you can easily go to other pictures from around the same time
including many of the camp environs by using the next/right arrow button.
DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK HERE expecially if you use the picture arrow buttons a lot.
2020 Due to Covid very few people camped at Bear Head
2019 (goes to index page manuever to #56)
2011 Few people got to Bearhead due to MN State Government shutdown which ended just before scheduled Hearth camping.
2009 Use next picture arrow button to see a bunch (7?) of small group pix (and then the BROWSER back button a bunch)
2008 No group picture Women on dock   Around evening fire   Hanging out by the lake
2007   Gina with hardy laugh & marshmallows   Fire pit, drumming   Guitar around the firepit
          Looking down to the dock from eating area   By the dock  
          The point peninsula SW into the lake from West edge of site. See aerial photo link above.  
          Andrew, Claire, Fred and Becca tents 2007 Water beyond the point is seen above Fred's tent.  
          food area / screen tent Shows tarps over tables. Cooking at big stove on edge of food area Screen tent in background. cook area w/ small stove

2006   Lynn, Andrea and John L preparing food   Looking up from the dock Food area is at top of hill barely visible (white) between the birches.

2005   Eating at 2 tables in line w/ one for prep behind and then screeen tent which has a picnic table.  
          Food area w/ dishpan Shows 3 tables. Big cook stove and hammock looking toward lake   Rope swing over lake viewed from dock.  
          Harold introducing someone to scuba diving

2004 No group picture Eating   Lounging in eating area while others are preparing breakfast(next twice)  
          Hiking with Harold   Becca on trail   Harold on a trail  

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